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    Product Name: Baby swaddle blanket wrap
    Material: 100% cotton fabric
    Size: 110*150cm
    Weight: 350g per piece
    Package: 1 pc in a bag
    Feature: As Sized at 110*150cm, this baby blanket is ideal to use as a stroller blanket, swaddling blanket, nursery cover, sleeping blanket, tummy time blanket or outdoor blanket.
    Washing instructions
    It is recommended to wash your hands in cold water with a mild detergent, and then dry them in the air.
    If it is machine wash, use a gentle cycle at the lowest position of the dryer and dry it.
    Improper machinery and drying may cause discoloration and changes in shape or size.

    Why cotton muslin
    * Hypoallergenic, will not irritate the skin.
    *Better heat storage capacity, can keep the baby warm, and there is no static electricity.
    *Super breathable, no fluff, will not damage the air in the room.
    *Natural cotton material will help babies sleep better.

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